Thursday, March 13, 2014

The last day… back to Atlanta!

Louise Shaw talking to the group and a group from the
U. of Virginia at the CDC Museum.
We made the trip back to Atlanta from Montgomery this morning. Our first stop of the day was at Emory University to visit the David J. Sencer CDC Museum. We got a tour of the Health Is a Human Right: Race and Place in America by curator Louise Shaw. She explained the challenges of achieving health equality in the United States and how race and place play just as important of a role in it than personal choices do.

We stayed on the Emory campus for lunch and then ventured to The World of Coca-Cola. Kelly and I dropped the group off and went to park the vans. Once again, they were too tall to comfortably fit in the parking garage so we had to drive around Atlanta a bit to find a surface lot to park in. By the time we found spots and walked the several blocks to the Coca-Cola, the rest of the group were almost done with the tour. So Kelly and I went through the tour while Prof. Young waited. Apparently taking the Coke tour for the umpteenth time wasn't appealing. I did enjoy tasting all of the different kinds of soft drinks that Coke produces throughout the world. I think Inca Kola from Peru was my favorite.

The view of the Atlanta skyline
from Atlantic Station.

After we met back up outside, we took a vote on what to do next and the result was a split right down the middle. So we split the group in two and Kelly took a group to Underground Atlanta while Prof. Young and I took a group to Atlantic Station for a shopping excursion.

Karina, Bri, Jennie and Brittley after
shopping victoriously at Atlantic Station.
We get up extra early tomorrow to catch our flight back to Pennsylvania. It has been a fun trip!

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